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God's of Risk by James S.A. Corey

Gods of Risk is a minor novella in the Expanse series that takes places after Caliban's War. After leaving her job at the UN, Roberta 'Bobbie' Draper returns to Mars to stay with her brother and his family; narrated from the viewpoint of Bobbie's nephew, David.

There's not much substance to this novella. Basically we see David in his last year at under university. He is a smart, but not too saavy student. He does well in his studies, but uses his talents for a side job that gets him mixed up with some dubious people. David tries to keep his secret life hidden from his family - especially his MCRN officer aunt.

In the background, political activists indirectly negatively affect David's ability to make connections that would ease his naive conscience.

Gods of Risk is a mildly interesting read, but not necessary given the bigger story arc of the entire Expanse series.