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Outriders by Jay Posey

Credit: Angry Robot Books

A Terran intelligence official is found assassinated on Mars. An undetected rock smashes a civilian space station to smithereens. Just coincidences or is someone stirring the heated pot of interplanetary tensions?

When you’re trying to stave off interplanetary war, you call in the Outriders.

This was a fun read. It had an “A-Team” feel to it. Captain Lincoln Suh leads a team of five, each highly trained in their jobs, on a mission to secretly investigate the true undercurrents bringing Mars and Earth closer to war. If things go south, though, they’ll be considered “deniable assets” - not an enviable position to be in.

There’s a lot of “special ops” going on on both sides of the conflict, but Jay Posey explains it all well through the eyes of his characters.
Outriders is a story well-balanced between a space opera and military science fiction. All the “hits” and counterintelligence measures bring Captain Suh to face a hard truth: In war, are there ever really true heros?