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Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Credit: Random House

A futuristic Greek Tragedy. Despite this reader's inability to identify with the themes of Red Rising, it does offer a sound story. The plot follows a logical order of events. Pierce Brown sets forth solid details in the exposition that lay the groundwork for the future action. What remains unclear is if there is a greater meaning to the story or if it should be taken at face value. The reader will find areas of the story that could be applied to contemporary times. Conversely, some events lie overwhemlingly outside the realms of reason and sanity with no explanation given of how such events are allowed to continue even in the Society. Spoiler Alert!Specifically the Passage. Even amongst the Golds, why would a parent, knowing that their child has a 50% chance of being murdered, send their child to the Institute? Is it due to high levels of testosterone? Or is there a deeper message? If so, what is it? Perhaps the other books in the trilogy will offer an explanation.